By June 22, 2012

Flipboard now available to all Android users


Flipboard is an application that hasn’t been around for that long but is an app that has attracted a lot of positive attention in its short life. I would say that the reason for this is the fact that you can synchronise all of your social networking accounts into one easy and very cool place to look at in your own time.

Flipboard is laid out just like a newspaper but in ‘Flip’ format which means that instead of turning pages you simply swipe up/down to view the next page. It is an app that you can customise day-by-day if you so wish because you can choose what sections of news and information you wish to view whenever you want to. For example I could choose to view my twitter account, technology news and T3’s specific news and nothing else if I wanted.

The reason that I am explaining the app to you is because although originally this was only available on Android via the Samsung Galaxy SIII on its release, it is now available to absolutely everyone from the Google Play store.

You can see some further screen shots and the download link below:



2012-06-22_15-56-15 2012-06-22_15-52-38 2012-06-22_15-56-31


Download Flipboard here


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