By August 8, 2010

Flash for iPhone 4, here and now? Only the ‘broken need apply.


Apple putting Adobe’s Flash on the iPhone – it’s now as likely as Burger King putting Big Mac sauce in their Whoppers.  Unless of course you are an industrious hacker with a fleeting regard for the welfare of your ultra-expensive telephone.  Thankfully the internet is such a vast place there’s bound to be at least one willing to take one for the team, and that one goes by the name Comex, the brains behind the JailbreakMe  and Spirit tools for iOS.

The process uses Frash, and apparently works with a jailbroken 3GS (at 3.2.1), iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone 4.  The process is relatively simple, involving some SSH to-ing and fro-ing with OpenSSH (found in the Cydia repos), and placing the package onto the handset using FTP.  After this Flash content appears as a Flash button, which when clicked launches Frash to run the Flash code.

Sounds relatively straightforward, especially if you already have a jailbroken device, but obviously all of this is done at your own risk.  Saying that though, this does look like the only way Adobe’s foremost web technology will ever grace iOS shores.


Check out the instructions here and accompanying video here from Redmond Pie


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