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Finding the best mobile deal

I recently changed my mobile contract and was amazed at just how many different packages and tariffs each provider had to offer. After a while it gets pretty confusing!

So how do you find a good deal?

Well, online mobile retailer Mobiles Please are so confident of their deals they have added a comparison deal engine which allows users to compare deals from competitors such as dialaphone, phones4u and Beepy amongst others.

The first ever online retailer to allow you to compare mobile phone deals with competitors, which, in some cases, are cheaper. Is this a crazy idea?


Mobiles please believe that by providing their customers with their own deals as well as their competitors the customer will get the best deal possible. This new service which was launched last week will also save users the time and effort of trawling through all these different sites…instead they can compare deals instantly.

The service works by pulling deals from various affiliate networks and the deals are shown below Mobiles please prices. Deals can be customised by various preferences including networks, contract length & free gifts to provide the best deals possible.

The economic downfall has forced people to be more careful when looking for a new mobile phone to ensure they get the right phone and deal for them. For example if you compared deals for the Google Android , Mobiles please offer the deal for £24.47 including 1000 Minutes and Unlimited Texts for £31.93 per-month through Mobiles Please and you can get the same deals with Buymobiles for £34.25.It really does save you time and money.

Mobiles please are confident this will be a successful addition to the website and believe with their easy cash back offers, simple site and confidence in their deals will win every time…maybe it’s not so crazy after all and could be a stroke of genius?

Bobbie Bhogal, Director of Mobilesplease

"We acknowledge that today’s Internet buyer wants to ensure that they are getting great value and it is normal to check and compare offers online. So….we’ve made it easy for our customers to compare our offers online. We are confident that we offer great value deals and that our gift and cash back offers are straight forward with one easy claim compared to many of our competitors that will make the customer claim 4-6 times. It’s too early to say whether this initiative is successful, however it will make it easier for our customers to compare our offers to those of our competitors in one place. Roll on the sales…"


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