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How Fiber Optics are Reinventing the Internet and Communications Industry

Fiber optic cableFiber optic Internet was the biggest news on the market just a few years ago. Today, news about wireless Internet has overshadowed that of fiber optics, though people may not realize fiber technology continues to progress by leaps and bounds. What new types of technology have made fiber optics a better way to get connected? In case you wonder how to improve your connections, check the routerloginlists website.

Military-Grade Sensors

Optical fiber can transmit light over distances, but any light coming through the fiber becomes filtered by the glass surrounding it. New fiber optic designs take away this limitation by channeling light through air rather than the glass, resulting in much more sensitive projections. This type of light control has not gone unnoticed by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, who has launched a program to provide fiber optic light-intensive cables for sensors and navigational tools. Light can take three separate paths in these cables, for better bandwidth over distances, while achieving a higher speed than standard fiber cable.

Aircraft Control

The announcement that TeraXion and CMC electronics are partnering to create new fiber optic transceivers may have a major impact in the Internet industry. These two leaders in the communications business look to take fiber optic to a new level by combining high volume components for high-reliability avionics equipment. These two companies hope to shorten their development cycle and develop better performing products for civil and commercial aviation communication, helping to pilot aircraft through dangerous weather and conditions.

Cleanliness Is Next To…

One of the largest breakthroughs in the fiber optic market hasn’t involved the technology’s speed or reliability at all. Instead, a new breakthrough allows for superior cleaning of existing fibers. Linden Photonics announced a new cleaning material, Lindex, that allows for eliminating contamination like grease and dust that clogs up systems. Photonics has claimed that Lindex may be as revolutionary for cleaning electronics as the invention of the Q-Tip, capable of picking up dust 50 times better than a Q-Tip.

Oceanfront Views

Though millions of miles of cable stretch back and forth across the world’s oceans, only a few companies have developed more water-friendly fiber cables. One of them, South Bay Cable Corporation, has managed to produce fiber optic cables that can do everything in a wet environment, including surviving up to ten thousand pounds of pressure. This will allow for more efficient coast-to-coast communication, as well as on ship-to-ship broadcasts where no other signal can be found.

Developing Markets

Though the monthly fees of wireless Internet scale above that of fiber optics, the difficulty in setting up fiber optic networks comes in the cost of laying the actual infrastructure. Corning Inc. released a study suggesting it may take $50 to $100 billion in costs to bring fiber optic Internet to every American. Americans hoping to get access to faster speeds should check the FiOS availability in their region to determine which provider works best for them. Since fiber optics represent the fastest and most reliable Internet connection, anyone subscribing to standard cable or Wi-Fi will find themselves paying more for less when fiber optics are available in their market.

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