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Facewatch ID – Spotting Crimminals


A NEW app for mobile phones is available that asks the public to help in identifying thousands of images relating to low level crimes from across London in a bid to increase the number of wanted identifications made.

The Metropolitan Police Service has provided more than 2,000 images for use by the Facewatch app, which was launched on Tuesday 17 April and is available on BlackBerry, Android and Apple smartphones.

The app enables the user to enter their local postcode and then view a selection of unidentified images of potential suspects and witnesses that the police would like to talk to. If an image is known to the viewer they have the opportunity to enter a name and or address that is confidentially conveyed to the police.

The app has already been responsible for the identification of 29 people during its trial among police officers over the past two months.

Borough Comander Gary Buttercase said: “Officers leave no stone unturned when they are looking for a suspect. Any new tools developed through technological advancement that are made available to us in the fight against crime are a welcome addition. Apps such as this one have the potential to save a lot of Police time. I would urge everyone to view these images and name those pictured to help make our borough and our capital city even safer. Helping us to identify people could remove a criminal from your area.”

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The Facewatch ID app is currently fully supported and approved by the Metropolitan Police (London) UK and is due for UK National roll during 2012.

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