By July 4, 2011

Facebook to have Skype video chat

skypebook Facebook and Skype are working together to bring in-browser video chat to the Facebook site. That’s according to a story posted by TechCrunch.

The report suggests that there will be a web-based component that would presumably require you to download and install something but could also, conceivably, interface with the full desktop version of Skype to bring this functionality. Perhaps recent updates to the Skype app. may include something already lurking there?

TechCrunch have been following Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who apparently tipped off Seattle press that the company would be launching an “awesome” new product next week that has been built by Facebook’s Seattle team. The press invitations to that event went out today, saying nothing more than “Please join us for an event at Facebook” on July 6.

So lets see what Facebook come up with in a few days time. In any case I’m sure it’ll be interesting!


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