By May 15, 2009

ExecTweets for iPhone released – another app from Microsoft

image Federated Media is company that firstly tried to be middle man in selling advertisements to blogs. This effort failed and now they have scored a big deal from Microsoft: Federated Media has built ExecTweets website, that gathers tweets from higher managers from various companies and allows for publishing of tweets too. ExecTweets is a project that Federated Media got from Microsoft, yet there is no ExecTweets for Windows Mobile, but there is – released today to app store – ExecTweets for iPhone!

Here is how this app looks like:

Description from the developer:

ExecTweets, created by Federated Media in partnership with Microsoft, is your go-to iPhone application and website for finding and following the top business execs on Twitter. As featured in BusinessWeek, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, ExecTweets is a platform that aggregates the tweets from top business execs and empowers the community to surface the most insightful, business-related tweets. The ExecTweets iPhone application offers on-the-go mobile access to the ExecTweets feed. Now you too can join in the conversation with the world’s leading business executives.

Commentary: Twitter is huge in any sense. Now also Microsoft is trying to explore business opportunities within it. Funnily enough first mobile app of Microsoft’s first Twitter project is available only for iPhone…

Get it here (FREE)

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