By May 24, 2012

Everything Everywhere sim card allows for remote control cooking with the iTotal Control Oven


Yes, you did read the title correctly! This one strikes me as being a little odd but I suppose it is a natural progression in technology.

Everything Everywhere, the business that runs Orange in the UK and the country’s biggest communications company, has today announced that AGA Rangemaster has selected its proprietary M2M Management Platform and SIM cards from Orange for the new AGA iTotal Control oven.

By integrating Orange SIM cards into the new AGA iTotal Control oven, AGA customers can maintain complete remote control over their ovens, wherever they are. Those with no internet connection can text their oven with simple commands such as “baking oven on” or “all ovens off”, and will receive a reply confirming the action has been taken.  It takes less than one hour for AGA ovens to reach temperature, and the new functionality will enable customers to plan ahead when it suits them.

For customers with a smartphone or tablet, applications can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store that provide a visualization of the AGA iTotal Control oven, which can be controlled by touchscreen.  For those people not on the move but not at home either, a dedicated web portal has been designed to allow them to control their AGAs from a PC or laptop. 

The Everything Everywhere M2M Management Platform will provide AGA with a self-service portal through which it can quickly and securely access and manage all account information, with complete control over all SIM accounts and the potential for integration with CRM systems.  Connection profiles, Call Detail Records and Tariff bundles can all be managed by AGA directly through the portal, as well as the direct ordering of additional SIM cards.

The iTotal Control AGA will be available from June 1st in the UK, and the company has invested in 250 SIM cards from Orange, with a view to purchasing more over the next year.  AGA also plans to take advantage in the future of Everything Everywhere having the largest on-net network in the world, to expand into other European markets with a single contract and international SLA.

Richard Fozard, Marketing Director, AGA Rangemaster said: “Everything Everywhere has the biggest 3G network in the UK, which means our customers can be in contact with their new AGA iTotal Control ovens from more places, more of the time. Integrating a new technology like M2M with a well-known traditional cooker like an AGA has been an incredibly exciting project for us. Working with the Everything Everywhere team to be at the forefront of innovation, and taking advantage of new technologies on the market such as M2M, is something we’re very proud of. 

Marc Overton, Vice President of Wholesale and M2M at Everything Everywhere, the company that runs Orange, said:  “Technology is making people’s lives easier every day. This latest innovation from AGA makes use of mobile technology to allow customers to control their oven when they are out and about, using their mobile devices or PCs.  Working with an iconic British brand such as AGA to create the iTotal Control oven, has proved just how relevant M2M and connectivity is to everyone, even if they never imagined having a conversation with their ovens before!”


Whatever next?


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