By May 22, 2012

Everything Everywhere confident in providing 4G this year


Earlier on today I met up with experts from the Everything Everywhere team that are responsible for the future roll out of 4G across the two networks (Orange and T-Mobile).

The company are steaming ahead with plans to roll out the upgrade this year despite a final decision to made by Ofcom. Although the decision is still pending EE are under the opinion that it should all go through fairly painlessly and are under the impression that why wouldn’t Ofcom want the evolution in new technology. Even if the ‘go ahead’ is delayed, fear not as Everything Everywhere are still going ahead and installing the required hardware and software into existing cell sites so a role-out can begin as soon as the approval is met.

This will leave Everything Everywhere with a clear advantage over the other UK networks as they are yet to focus on 4G, so I am told. With HSPA+ 42 up and running we may well see the counties largest network grow even more?

Thinking about it, the company have done a wonderful job over the past year or two. Not only have they merged the Orange and T-Mobile networks together they have then integrated firstly 2G roaming and then more recently 3G.

Some of the current speed caps etc may not be perfect but I have a feeling that things are on the shift later on in the year.


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