By September 4, 2008

EU to propose caps on costs of sms and mobile internet

image EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding has proposed capping the price of sending a mobile text message from one EU state to another to 11 eurocents (9 pence), EU sources said on Wednesday. Reding’s long-awaited proposal is now circulating among all the other EU Commissioners before they formally adopt it later this month or early October. The EU’s 27 member states and the European Parliament must also approve the change.

The proposal also extends by three years to 2013 caps already in place on roamed voice calls but will steepen the rate of decline, the sources said, quoting from the draft text.

She also wants to introduce billing by the second from the 31st second of a call to avoid operators charging by the minute even if the call only last a few seconds, the sources said.

Reding is also proposing a wholesale cap of 1 euro (81 pence) per megabyte on using a mobile phone or laptop to surf the Web, download data or send emails, the sources added.

After my last phone bill from O2 whilst using my data connection at £3.00 per megabyte in France this cannot come soon enough.

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