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EU elections today! … and there is an app for that!

Elections to European Union (EU) parliament are starting today. These elections will last till Sunday as they take place in various countries on various days. UK and Netherlands will be the first EU countries to vote (June 4th!). EU consists of 27 countries and 498 million citizens. Since EU parliament takes decisions about all EU citizens, it is worth voting for. However if you have not registered for the vote previously, you will not be able to vote.

We have found only one app about EU elections 2009 and here is how this app looks like (note: it is for UK so it includes flags of British nations and Welsh part is even in Welsh language!):

As you can see it is just an informational app of one of British political parties – “Liberal Democrats Euro Manifesto” – and not an app about EU elections as such. Unfortunatley EU has not published generic app about these elections.

This app is actually a list:

… of PDF files that can be read with built-in PDF viewer of iPhone:

Description from the developer:

Elections to the European Parliament will be held in the 27 member states of the EU between the 4th and 7th of June 2009. 736 MEPs will be elected by proportional representation to represent some 500,000,000 Europeans, making these the biggest trans-national elections in history.

This app draws directly upon the Liberal Democrat party manifesto for the election in the UK on the 4th of June. Learn about what the Lib Dems stand for.

What are their principles and policies with regard to:

The Environment, The Euro, EU Institutions, The Economy, The Single Market, Crime, Human Rights, Foreign Policy and More.

Commentary: we are disappointed that there is no generic app about EU elections, but only one from one of political parties but it is better than nothing. Obviously there are several websites about EU elections but nothing can replace an app…

Get it here (FREE).

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