By August 21, 2009

Eos on track for AT&T


The Palm Eos is basically a lower-cost version of the webOS Palm Pre, a device that Palm touts to have an organic feeling and an always-connected experience, boasting multi-tasking, notifications, and gestures in a different user interface. After rumors that the Eos would be delayed because of slow Pre sales, we’re learning that those rumors across the blogosphere may not be accurate and the Pre will still be ready for volume shipments to AT&T later this year.

The rumors of the Eos device do have some credence to them, with sources saying that the CDMA/EVDO version of the Eos will be delayed until 2010. That version will be made by Compal and may hit Verizon Wireless and/or Sprint, with the former already publicly announcing its intentions to snag the Pre once the CDMA Sprint exclusivity ends. The GSM/HSPA version of the Eos will be on track, however.
The Pre and webOS are interesting for Palm is several ways. As Palm moves away from its Palm OS in earlier Treos like the 650 and Windows Mobile in devices like the Treo Pro. Analysts have already begun comparing the Eos to the Centro brand with the Pre being a descendant of the Treo franchise. Although Palm hasn’t made any official announcements regarding Windows Mobile and its relationship with Microsoft, the partnership seems to be working still with the Pre’s deep rooted Exchange integration, even supporting multiple Exchange ActiveSync accounts. The real question becomes would we see a Windows Mobile Palm Pre and Eos device once demand for webOS stabilizes?

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