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Enable multitasking gestures on iOS 4.3 for iPad

icon_ipsw There are hundreds of sites with a tutorial on how to enable the new multitasking gesture features on the iPad with iOS 4.3 Beta 1/2 but almost all of the ones I came across are either incomplete, inaccurate or downright wrong. I assume that someone posted a tutorial on day one and the rest of the web did a simple copy/paste for their own how-to.

It is actually a very simple process:


First of all you are going to need Xcode from Apple and to have installed the latest iOS 4.3 Beta 1/2 which you’ll only have access to if you are a developer.

Once your iPad has been updated with 4.3 and you have installed Xcode. Connect your iPad to computer and launch Xcode. Once Xcode is open, go in to Organizer. You’ll find organizer under Window.



In Organizer you’ll see you iPad as a connected device. Click on your device and then select ‘Use for Development’.  You’ll be asked for your Apple Developer credentials to verify that you are entitled to use dev mode. Then after a few seconds a couple of files are copied to the iPad.

Once the procedure is done and the icon next to the iPad will have turned green you can then close Xcode and and either reboot your iPad or else kill the Settings App using the multitasking tray. Once you relaunch the settings menu you’ll see multitasking gestures as an option.



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