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Duke Nukem 3D Kicks Android

b_500_274_16777215_0___images_stories_news_dukenukem3d_duke-nukem-3d-android-gameTapjoy teamed up with Machineworks Northwest to bring an official port of Duke Nukem 3D to Android. Released back in 1991, Duke Nukem 3D has been a staple in the FPS gaming scene for quite a long time. If you haven’t played a Duke Nukem game before, essentially think of a B-rated movie made into a video game, complete with witty one liners and aliens to shoot in the face.


  • Optimized for all newer multi-touch devices
  • Native support for large tablet sized devices such as the Xoom
  • Dual stick or new “drag to look” controls
  • Installs to SD by default
  • Includes Episode 1
  • Episode 2 and 3 available via Google In App Billing

Duke Nukem 3D for Android comes with 3 episodes. The first episode is £0.61. The remaining two are available through in-app purchases. Graphically, the game comes with some touched up eye candy but for the most part sticks to how it was back in the day. In fact almost everything about it is close to the original as possible minus the fact the controls are on-screen If you’re a Duke Nukem fan or just love retro FPS games in general, this is pretty much a must buy. If you are looking for a viable alternative, then there are plenty of options to choose from. Check techdee and find the best androidhackers alternatives.

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