By April 21, 2009

Donkey Kong for iPhone released as iDonkeyKong

photo Apple has approved an illegal clone of Donkey Kong with illegally used name (albeit with added "i" at the beginning) and with illegally used (cloned) game layout from original Donkey Kong of Nintendo! Go get this game ($0.99) now as we think that soon it will be removed from the app store…

What is Donkey Kong? It is a classic arcade game – one of those old games thanks to which Japanese company Nintendo became huge corporation. Since Nintendo has its own mobile gaming console – Nintendo DS (lately extended with DSi model that features camera also) – there is not even one game from Nintendo in app store of Apple. We are sure that Nintendo will not tolerate clones though…

Here is how this game looks like:


Note: this game has a clunky user interface and is not very ripe, but as we said above: it is just a clone made by some small company… and since it is such a classic – it is worth getting anyway.

Get it here ($0.99)

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