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DJ for iPhone released

Since version 3.0 of iPhone OS it is possible for apps to access music in iTunes in a limited way: an app can play them but cannot see contents of files. DJ app for iPhone has been just released and if you would like to have some other user interface to your iTunes files than built-in “iPod” app, then this may be something for you:


Description from the developer:

– OS 3.0 Exclusive
– Access your iTunes library The Original DJ tabletop deck app for your iPhone and iPod. Access your iTunes library, play and mix songs using a beautiful interface. Great for parties or just for playing music.


– Beautiful Interface
– Access to your iTunes library
– Fast Search â?« Speed Control
– FF, RW
– Shuffle
– Loop
– Dynamic Volume
– Real Time Cue
– Real Time Playlist modification
– Spin Disk on Deck
– Skinning Support

Commentary: considering that this app is not using its own CODECs but is just a front end to iTunes files inside of iPhone or iPod touch, the price seems a bit too high. The song mixing feature in this app cannot overlay songs but just mix them in the sense of random playback, so this feature is also a bit overhyped. All in all expensive app that doesn’t do anything new, but if you would like to have different way of listening to your iTunes-located songs/audio files/podcasts, then this app might be for you!

Get it here (price: $4.99):

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