By August 17, 2008

Details emerging on the Treo Pro

treo-pro-comm Palm Infocenter have come across some specs of the Treo Pro. There are a couple of software apps that should enhance usage, obviously depending on your operator. Check it out after the break.

  • Includes the 800w screensaver
  • HTC task manager is included (accessible from the today screen)
  • Memory info was listed as:
    Storage Memory Total: 103.05mb
    Program Memory Total: 101.18mb
    Program Memory in use (not sure what was running at the time though): 43.96mb Free: 57.22
  • Comm Manager with options to turn on off Airplane Mode, Phone, BT, Wifi, Microsoft Direct Push, Data connection
  • MicroSD card isn’t under the battery but you need to remove the battery cover to insert/eject it (push/push method, similar to the 750 but only accessible with the battery cover removed)
  • Expansion card supports up to 32gb

Some apps that showed up in the programs menu included: Adobe Reader LE, Windows Messenger, Java (Esmertec), Internet Proxy, Telenav, Streaming Media (assume this is HTC app), Sprite backup

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