By July 12, 2008

Dension Gateway and iPhone 3G

image We did a review of the Dension Gateway 100 using it with the original iPhone and it all worked perfectly. Now that I have the iPhone 3G I have been testing it out this morning and it is not good news. First off the Brodit holder that I have installed is a little tight but it should be fine as it is lined with a felt so it will not scratch the iPhone 3G. The worst part is when you plug the cable into the iPhone 3G and you are met with a warning message.



So there you have it, the iPhone 3G will play perfectly through the Dension Gateway 100  just as before but you cannot charge it at the same time with the supplied cable which is a real shame. Luckily the Dension Gateway 100 also comes with an AUX in connection and thinking about it this may be a better way of doing things as the audio out on the iPhone does have the shielding from RF interference where as the charging connection does not, downside of this is it means stripping out the car stereo again to get to it, cue skin loss from knuckles and the additional purchase of a cigarette lighter charger.


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