By June 25, 2009

HTC launch event in London 2009 : demo of multitouch in HTC Hero

image Seeing is believing so here it comes, a video demonstration of multitouch in HTC Hero. We have requested it and he complied and it works. Here you can see it:

Note: you can also see a demo of how Flash Player 10 runs on HTC Hero here, where, in the demo, you would see the multi-touch in action too.

However we requested it and we got it! Note that apart from Internet browser, the multi-touch works also in email client, where not only text is becoming bigger or smaller but also the text is reflowing so that vertical scrolling is not needed.

Conclusion: multitouch has really arrived to HTC-made phones for good! However we are not sure whether 3rd party developers will be able to take advantage of it yet, as Google Android OS is not supporting it through explicit APIs. In any case: this is big progress and possibly this expertise HTC will be able to transfer also to Windows Mobile area.

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