By August 16, 2010

Dell reveal low-end Blaze Android handset

117456-dellblaze Seemingly named by the creators of TV’s Gladiators, Dell’s phones are sounding increasingly ‘extreme’ with Streak, Thunder, Lightning and now Blaze!!  Ok it doesn’t have the exclamation marks a name like Blaze so richly deserves but we can see it does have a small screen (likely 320×240), a surface that is a fingerprint magnet and allegedly Android 1.5!

Whether this is just in pre-production models is unclear but any smartphone with an OS over 15 months and nearly 4 revisions old would be hampered from the beginning.  Even the lowest of low end phones come with at least Donut 1.6 and many applications are beginning to require this or higher.  Alternatively it could even be an ultra-budget handset, somewhat negating the Neolithic OS.  We’ll have to wait though, as there’s no firm release date at present.


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