By June 11, 2007

Debrand and patch your Orange SPV E650

You may recall from our Video and Review of the Orange SPV E650 that although we liked the device, we certainly did NOT like the Orange theme and branding and that removal Orange stuff was pretty tricky.

There is also a pretty fundamental problem with the device in that installing software on the device that would cause it to hang!

Orange SPV E650

Fear not, however, as our friend Paul from MoDaCo has come to the rescue with his “SPV E650 de-Brand + Fix Pack 0.1”.

So, what does the de-Brand and Fix Pack do? Changes include but are not limited to…

  • Reset of icons to default Windows style
  • Reset of icon layout to a more traditional Windows layout
  • Reset of colour scheme and home scheme to default Windows style
  • Reset of icons in call related screens to default Windows style
  • Reset of Camera dialogues to grey
  • Reset of Security policies to match that of the HTC S710
  • If you have an Orange SPV E650 then you NEED THIS!

    And to Orange I would say that it’s for reasons like this that you need to take the blogging/forum community seriously! Mind you I’m sure that The Times won’t be far behind with their patch to fix the install problems! 😛

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