By August 13, 2010

Cosi Phone Tutti or Are you Mozart in disguise? HTC’s Schubert not as he seems…

htcmozart3_2 Well rock me Amadeus, if it isn’t a case of possible composer concealment in the Windows Phone 7 camp.  The device many had speculated to be the phone known as Schubert has now been given a new identity, it is now likely to be know as HTC Mozart.  It appears that HTC’s codenaming conventions for WP7 devices will be after famous composers, but whether the names are related to the hierarchy of the devices isn’t clear but if so a Mozart, Bach or Beethoven named phone would certainly reside pretty far up the list.  This would also be in keeping with its Desire meets Droid Incredible looks, both up near the top of the Android tree.  Aussie operator Telstra first mentioned a WP7 device called Mozart back in mid-June but pictured with the advert was the regular WP7 stock phone photo, not really giving much away except to confirm a device existed.


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