By June 20, 2009

Copy/Paste in iPhone OS 3.0 kicks Windows Mobile copy/cut feature by light years!

Usually we don’t bother about reporting new features in new versions of iPhone OS – instead we are an app junkies and prefer to search new apps for some gems and tell you about them here at Mobile Tech Addicts. However the implementation of copy/paste in iPhone OS 3.0 is gobsmacking. Here we are reviewing it for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Firstly one must notice that copy&paste in iPhone makes it possible to use some web applications because now entry of complicated things is possible via copy and paste:

Then copying is possible from text entry fields, also of apps that were created for older versions of iPhone OS:

The selection area can be adjusted with nice markers:

… and even a magnifying glass for precise selection is available:

Copying of texts is possible also from websites, and it is possible to narrow it down from big area:

… to a very small area:

Finally by shaking the phone one invokes Undo/Redo dialog:

* * *

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