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CookingCapsules review for G1

ccCookingCapsules is a nice application that allows G1 users to cook a recipe step-by-step quite easily.  It is preloaded with a few recipes that you can choose from (at the moment, there are 4 Indian an d 4 French inspired recipes), like the “Chocolate Pots de Creme,” “Kheer,” and some others, too.  It tells you how long the video is and how long it will take to prepare the dish.  Each recipe has a video of how to prepare it, a shopping list of items required to make it, and text instructions, too.  I personally think the application can be handy to have but needs some improvement. Read about my experience with CookingCapsules after the break.

I find CookingCapsules to be a great addition to this kids baking kit because it allows amateur cooks like myself to create a delicious dish with help of my G1 mobile phone!  The set-up is really nice and easy to navigate.  There aren’t a jungle of menus to go through and everything is straight-foward.  There are three buttons which eventually become tabs:  “Watch,” “Shop,” and “Make.”  The “Watch” section obviously contains the short video which is easy to watch and understand.  “Shop” gives you a nice checklist of items required to make the recipe.  “Make” has the video instructions in text format and is in a checklist so you don’t get lost in the instructions.  Everything is easy to access and works well most of the time.



There were only a couple of glitches I found — At the end of a video it said it could not be played even though it was working fine.  It has crashed on me a couple of times while opening the application, but ends up working again after allowing it to close and then re-opening it.  I think adding a bigger variety of recipes will definitely make it even better.

In conclusion, CookingCapsules is good and has a great concept.  When more recipes come along and the bugs are fixed, I think I could recommend it easily, but for the time being, I won’t be keeping it in my collection of applications. Give it a try by downloading it in the Android Marketplace or read more about it at CookingCapsule’s homepage.

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