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Contact Monkey – Share your details with one click

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Vcards have been around for some time now but it has never been a thing I have personally found an attraction. That was until I discovered Contact Monkey which isn’t a vcard but more of a one click contact solution.

I can’t stand getting an email from a new contact and having to cut and paste all their details into whichever device I am using. Contact Monkey does away with that palaver.

To cut a long story short when you sign up for Contact Monkey you will be given a unique username which you can add to your emails as a kind of signature. When someone clicks the link they will be redirected to your Contact Monkey page where they will see as much information about you as you wish to share such as standard contact info as well as social media links.

As you will see in the below photo of my page, beside my details are various options for users to save my details simply by one click. They just select in which form they wish to add me to their contacts and that’s it. All my details will instantly appear their contact list. Simple pimple!


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Contact Monkey was born out of frustration. Copying and pasting people’s contact info from email signatures was simply too much of a pain.

We realized vCards were attempting to solve this problem but the email attachments were annoying and really only worked for a few address books like Microsoft Outlook. We felt there was a need for a simple and elegant solution that worked across all major address books.

As we couldn’t find something out there we decided to build Contact Monkey!

Each time you update your Contact Monkey page you will then be presented with the following screen. Just cut and paste the the signature to your email accounts and your information is easily accessible to anyone you should email.

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You are also provided with a unique QR code which you can add to your emails, business cards etc. Clever stuff.

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Contact Monkey really is the perfect solution for both personal and business users. The service is free for us normal people but business users get extra benefits from only $3 per month. Why not head on over to the site and have a look for your self. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


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