By September 6, 2009

Commodore 64 emulator app for iPhone released!

A lyrics from Aqua song “Back to 80s”:

When M&M was just a snack
And Michael Jackson’s skin was black
Back when the coolest thing in store, oo-oh-oh
Was a Commodore 64

So if you know what Commodore 64 is, it means that you were living in 80s and you are an old person obviously. Anyway you might enjoy then having whole Commodore 64 computer inside of your iPhone:


This doesn’t make any sense at all: Apple explicitly forbids any apps in the app store that are executing or interpreting foreign code and here it comes: something totally unexpected: emulator of Commodore C64 computer has been approved.

Probably some major changes are ongoing at Apple if such thing as complete emulator has been approved. Maybe soon also Opera browser and Java virtual machine will be approved too?

Anywho: if you like retro gaming and ancient personal computers, this app is for you!

Get it here (it’s not cheap!):

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