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Classic games to play on the latest handheld devices

games If the intense competition surrounding the development and production of online games has proved they are something worth creating, then the popularity of the most-played games and the financial rewards that come with them will inspire many software writers and programmers.
Currently, much of the focus is on games for the small screen. First came the Nintendo DS and Sony’s PSP. Both however, were rapidly put into the shade with the development, in particular, of the iPhone and the rise of the app.

What’s more, the depth of the online gaming and downloadable app market means there’s something for everyone. With that in mind, here’s a small sample of the best games available for the three biggest online gaming demographics:

The commuter
The re-invention of such classics as Space Invaders, Tetris and Scrabble ensure even the most testing journey can be whiled away in a haze of nostalgia. In addition, classroom favourites Frogger and Pac-Man are proving to be as popular in the electronic age as they were in a number of primary schools many years ago.

The gamer
Small screen versions of the likes of the highly-rated Dead Space are a sure-fire, if a little gory, hit. Maintaining much of what made them such a success on the larger consoles, i.e. not watering them down whilst adapting to the small-screen format is crucial, and the quality of the game-play in Dead Space is enough to still give the player a shock every now and again. Shoot to Kill, the appropriately named hell-based adventure is another which brings big screen intensity into the palm of your hand, while you can also play other games like WoW Classic that people play in handheld consoles like steam deck, and you can even get gold for this game online, sign up here for more.

The time killer
Still the largest target for game creators and the purpose behind millions of downloads. Epitomised by the stunning popularity of Angry Birds, these gentler games cater for all sorts and amuse adults and children alike; from quick distracters like Coin Dozer and Tiny Wings to long-players Tap Zoo and Smurfs’ Village.

The next big user of hand-held gaming looks set to be the gambler, for whom mobile gaming’s other greatest resource, the Internet, is a heaven-sent virtual playground. With modern phone browsers containing integrated flash players as standard, Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile browsing grant users access to all the online gaming world has to offer, from arcade favourites such as Deal or no Deal, to a range of sporting challenges.

Whether playing for fun or winnings, hand-held browsing means punters have the chance to see their pot grow wherever and whenever they like. Nowhere is this easier to do than with Ladbrokes, whose current 100 per cent welcome bonus will see a £10 deposit increase to £100.
Though apps are limited to sports betting and an all-inclusive casino, all other games are accessible through the mobile-friendly website. You need to understand football betting offers and promotions for a higher chance of profit. Simply log-on and solve a Rubik’s Cube, become a cyber-tycoon with Monopoly or pit your wits against a virtual Chris Tarrant in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

The battle for supremacy in the ever-growing world of online and small screen games has no obvious conclusion looming on the horizon. The continual development of hand-held devices, particularly mobile phones, mean even the briefest plateau is unlikely.
Development, progression and innovation are the industry buzzwords; staying ahead of the competition is the absolute priority. Following cinema and television into the world of 3D would seem to be the obvious next step, though in a constantly changing market, new directions are anybody’s guess.
For now, it should be enough to simply enjoy the vast world of entertainment that sits at our fingertips.

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