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ChargeGenie unboxing and hands on – The perfect battery back up?

If you are looking for a back up plan for keeping your mobile battery topped up then the ChargeGenie will be right up your street. Although only 1400mAh in capacity that’s more than enough to get most folk through a day. The ChargeGenie has one super cool feature and that’s that on one side of it houses two sticky gel pads meaning the device can stick to the back of any smartphone and charging is then done via the MicroUSB port. No residue is left on the phone at all.

The ChargeGenie is clearly going to add some bulk to your smartphone but it isn’t too big that it stops you from using your device as normal. I’ve used it both with the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 and typing with the Genie on the back has not hindered me at all.

The ChargeGenie gets the thumbs up from me and I will continue to carry it with me when out of the house for extended periods of time. With it’s sticky gel pads it’s the perfect back up plan as far as I’m concerned.

You can catch the unboxing and demo video below:

ChargeGenie Video

The diverse form factors and different locations of the micro USB port on Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones have hampered the development of a mobile one-size-fits all auxiliary battery charger – until now. Energenie, a specialist manufacturer of smart energy saving and power management products, introduces the ChargeGenie – the world’s first universal portable charger for smartphones.

With its innovative gel pad design, the ChargeGenie clamps to the back of any smartphone but is also easy to remove once charging is finished.  With many of today’s smartphones sporting shapely design profiles that are not always dead flat the charger’s flexible centre spine allows the battery to bend and follow the handset’s contours for a secure fit.

To connect the battery to the smartphone a tethered USB cable neatly unfolds from underneath the pad, long enough to reach the phone’s micro USB port, no matter where it is positioned on the handset. Its 1400mAh* battery capacity delivers the emergency top-up charge.

The ChargeGenie’s minimal and curvaceous form and discreet USB cable means normal smartphone operation is not compromised or affected when it is attached and charging. Its compact and lightweight body – it weighs a mere 75g – also makes it easy to stowaway unnoticed in a pocket or bag, while a robust plastic storage case provides protection.

Five LED lights indicate the battery power level and the ChargeGenie’s internal battery can be replenished on the move via any USB source, like a Laptop or car charger.

The lifespan of the ChargeGenie is also not governed by the type of smartphone you own: you can migrate from an Android handset to a Windows Phone device and it does not become obsolete.

Energenie ChargeGenie retails for £24.99 from


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