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Charge your phone at a Vodafone store with Chargebox

image There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of mobile phone battery power when you most need to make a call, especially when it’s rare to know a number off by heart these days. But from today Vodafone UK will be changing all that as it rolls out ChargeBox® – a secure way to charge your mobile phone, MP3 player or games console.

ChargeBox® allows customers to hire a locker to charge their device. Each ChargeBox® has a range of pins from the top manufacturers to ensure that as many phones and devices as possible can be charged. Customers simply plug their phone or device into the appropriate pin, insert their money or pay by text to activate the charging, lock the door and take the key with them. Customers using the service can not only be assured that their phone is safely charging but that their personal security is protected at all times as the device can not be accessed by anyone accept the key holder.

image Research** shows that instant access to email and social networks is also very important to our every day lives – 45% of UK mobile phone users access the Internet on their mobile, 62% check their email on their mobile and 24% connect to social networks through their mobile. But people become anxious when they can’t use their phone to make a call, access their email or social network: a quarter of people said losing email, and for 12% losing access to social networks, would ruin their day.

Customers of Vodafone and non-customers alike will be able to use a ‘ChargeBox®’ battery charging service from as little as £1 for 30 minutes of charge. The maximum charge amount is £2 for 90 minutes.

Jonathan Dryland, Vodafone UK’s head of retail development, said: “We’re always looking for ways we can make the lives of consumers easier. The roll out of ChargeBox® will give people that lifeline to make a call when they’ve run out of battery power. We’ve made charging your phone in a store a more secure process, with a flexible payment method and plenty of choice about the devices people can charge whether they’re a Vodafone customer or not. Trials show this is a service that will really make a positive difference to consumers and we expect it to be a successful feature of our in-store customer service.“

Among the first 30 stores to receive the ChargeBox® will be Vodafone London St Pancras, Vodafone at Harrods, Vodafone Birmingham Bull Ring, Vodafone Belfast Victoria Square, Vodafone Newcastle’s Douglas Way and Vodafone Bristol Broadmead from 29th September. The roll out of ChargeBox® follows a successful trial in 12 stores around the UK

via Vodafone Press Release

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