By August 30, 2008

Charge whilst you walk

1220020800.gif Saw a VERY interesting article at jkOnTheRun that mentions the scenario of converting your everyday movements into charge for your mobile phone battery, awesome! Read on for more info!

The project sounds to be in it’s infancy, but from what I read – sounds VERY promising! Imagine going through your everyday routine: shopping, vacuuming, washing dishes, just playing with your children and at the SAME TIME, charging your phone battery in the process.

That’s just what M2E Power proposes with its new technology! As Katie Fehrenbacher over at GigaOM points out, some of the countries with less than ideal power grids and where cell phones are booming could really stand to benefit by just such a technology!

I mention it’s in the early development stages because, while the technology does work, it translates at the rate of one hour charge time for every 6 hours of movement. I, for one, wouldn’t mind this trade-off in the least! In fact, it’s an incentive of sorts to get me up and moving! I could stand to shed a few pounds anyway. Grin.

Stay tuned!

[Via TreoCentral]

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