By March 25, 2010

Changes at app store: HD apps for iPad, giving apps as gift

Apple’s app store is superior to all other app stores, among others due to the fact, that it offers “in-app purchase” feature that is revolutionizing mobile software via “freemium” model.

However Apple is not sleeping…

Next innovation is ability to give apps as a gift. It is great thing as in this way you can give apps to people who for example don’t have credit card. We haven’t tested though if USA-only app can be gifted to person from outside of USA.

Another novelty: HD games are coming, i.e. games especially designed for iPad, among others:

Ammoin HD
Azkend HD
Flight Control HD
Grind HD
Labyrinth 2 HD
NBA Hotshot HD
Numba HD
Plants vs. Zombies HD
Sparkle HD
Worms HD

… so if you are planning on getting iPad, you can get ready for some high-class gaming.

It might be that iPad actually is Apple’s Xbox competitor. After all it can be connected to TV too, right?

* * * * *

Apart from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, you might be interested also in Windows Phone!

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