By June 16, 2009

Carphone Warehouse offers a trade in service for iPhone 3G to 3G S upgrades

image The Carphone Warehouse is offering cut price upgrades to the new iPhone 3G S by letting you trade in your old model.

The shop will let you trade in an iPhone 2G for £100, and if you’ve got a newer iPhone 3G the 8GB version will earn you £170 the larger 16GB version will get you £180.

Users would still need to pay up to 18 months of their deal to get their hands on the new phone, which can cost up to £275, so the maximum cost would spiral well over £1,000 just to be among the first to have the new phone.

Not a bad deal if you don’t want the hassle of wheeling and dealing but a quick search on Google and we came up with a service called Mazuma which will give you £180.00 for the 8 Gig and £200.00 for the 16 Gig all done by post.

Via Techradar

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