By October 12, 2011

Capped contracts on Tesco Mobile


I saw a TV advert last night for Tesco Mobile. Now not only was it a very nice advert but the fact they are offering capped contracts stood out for me. What a superb idea. Do any other networks offer this? If so then I have never seen it marketed.

In this day and age most children, maybe 10 years and up, carry a mobile phone. I would imagine that the majority of these kids use PAYG which in itself is the near perfect solution as you don’t want the little angels running up high bills. However, surely having a contract with a cap on the maximum usage would be an easier option. No more topping up and chances are you may well get a better deal on a contract than PAYG in terms of monthly allowance. One of the benefits is that switching to Tesco’s capped contract is that it is sim only meaning if you have an unlocked phone or one running on O2 it is just a case of putting the new sim card in and away you go. With the option of a 12 month or rolling 30 day contact it couldn’t be easier.

So i just thought I would highlight Tesco Mobile to you if you are a parent. It may not be the perfect solution but looking at the Tesco Mobile website it looks pretty attractive.

You can see some more details below:


What is SIM only?

Keep your phone but change your SIM for great value on both Pay as you go and Pay monthly:

  • Choose from a rolling 30 day contract or 12 month contract for more value
  • Keep your mobile phone number
  • Unlimited BT Open Zone Wi-Fi access with our iPhone SIMs
  • Fix your tariff so you can use your inclusive minutes, texts and data
  • Triple Clubcard points with every pound you spend
  • This means your monthly bill is never more than the cost of your tariff.
  • If you run out during the month, just top up your account with a Pay as you go top-up.


Screen Shot 2011-10-12 at 08.55.31


Head on over to Tesco Mobile for more details.


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