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How Can Conducting A Video Meeting Help Your Webinar Become A Success?

boardroomThe ability to talk to a large group of people allows you to spread information at a prodigious rate. This is important for businesses as well as educational facilities and even in government. The question is, how you can reach as many people as you need to? In the past, you needed to gather everyone into a large area and speak from a position high enough and loud enough so everyone in attendance could see and hear what you had to see. These days, webinars have taken over as the quickest and easiest way to speak to a large group of people all at once.

How You Can Get Started

The first thing you should consider when you’re looking to hold a webinar is the software you’re going to use whenever you’re broadcasting, according to Forbes. Such things as the Blue Jeans network video conferencing platforms allow you to broadcast your message to as many people as can access your webinar. Best of all, since this will be highly similar to simply having a conference call, you will feel ultimately comfortable in speaking to your group. You won’t be able to see everyone you’re talking to, so you won’t have to worry about getting stage fright. You can give your webinar to a small group of people in the room with you rather than worrying about how many people are looking at you. The absence of noise from the crowd makes it possible for you to concentrate on what you’re saying rather than how people are reacting to what you’re saying. It is of the utmost importance to check all of your equipment and software before your webinar begins, so you can make sure you’re not going to encounter any problems as you get started.

Make Sure You Incorporate Social Media

Social media allows everyone in your webinar to discuss what you’re saying as you say it, according to Copyblogger. As you get started using Blue Jeans network video conferencing platforms to broadcast your webinar, make sure to announce the hashtag associated with it. This way, everyone involved in the webinar can discuss during the webinar as well as afterwards. This is a perfect way you can actually engage with the people watching the webinar. They can provide questions to you through something like a Twitter hashtag. Simply have someone monitoring the hashtag with all the activity and passing along important questions as they come through. You can then read the questions and offer answers to the entire group rather than to just a few. Additionally, this keeps the discussion going long after the webinar is over. You can continue to offer guidance and support to those who needs it. Of course, because it is social media rather than a face to face conversation, it means everyone else who might have had the same question will be able to see the answer to the question and you will experience fewer interruptions.

Using Guest Speakers is Even Easier

Guest speakers always make a seminar better, but you cannot always get the speakers you want speaking at your events. This is why you might want to consider using a video meeting for your webinar instead. According to Tech Soup, this is a perfect way to get them involved without having to worry about a conflicting schedule getting in the way. They can simply come on for their section of the webinar and then leave immediately afterwards. The cost of utilizing the talent of these speaks goes way down when you remove travel expenses and other considerations. You can even have more speakers than you might normally have the ability to book. With the ability to simply turn on a smartphone, tablet or webcam, there’s really no reason why the speaker cannot fit the time in.

Get More from Visual Aids

A big problem with a live seminar is not everyone can get the full benefit from the visual aids you’re using. This is why you should be using video meeting as a webinar tool. You can display your computer and everyone on the call will see exactly what you see. According to PR Daily, you should aspire to take a page out of Steve Jobs book. This means you should pay attention to just how much you’re asking your audience to read. If your slides have a novel written on them, people will just stare at them while fighting their sleep. If you aspire to have fewer than 5 words on each frame, you will have a much better shot of getting your audience to read everything you put on the screen. Make sure everything is highly inspiring as well as integral to what you’re talking about. Also, make sure the slides will not interfere with the ability to see your face while you’re talking.

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