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Cameron’s Avatar comes to iPhone on December 15, 2009

There were several 3D movies before but movie industry experts claim that Cameron’s Avatar movie will be a revolution in 3D movies technology/history. It is yet to be seen if it really will be a breakthrough, but it is good to see that it is coming to iPhone on December 15, 2009 – one day before world premiere of the movie.

The Avatar game based on the movie Avatar will be released by Gameloft company. Gameloft makes a lot of games for iPhone and from our point of view it looks like most of them are powered by the same gaming engine and only the content is being changed. Normally “blue guy running in the forest” would not be interesting unless it would be about Smurfs (are those blue aliens from planet Pandora related to Smurfs that originated in Belgium?) but Cameron is a director with interesting record – he made original Aliens movie and Titanic – so Avatar movie might be good after all.

It looks like the Avatar game however is just about the blue guy running around the forest and the military base/spaceship and there are no scenes with Smurfette, i.e. the female blue alien. Also it looks like this game is telling a bit different story or story not directly related to the movie so it is unclear how consistent it is with movie yet.

See also: video preview of Avatar game for iPhone (unfortunately gameloft has disabled video embedding so we cannot post this video here).

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