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CableJive iStubz, a great solution for a cluttered desk

imageWe discovered CableJive as a company less than a year ago when we had problems charging an iPhone 3G with a Dension Car Kit. It has been documented many times in the past, Apple removed the FireWire charging capabilities from newer iPods and the iPhone 3G. CableJive made a charge converter and their customer service and delivery time of their products has always been excellent from our experience. Now we have been sent some review sample of the iStubz short form iPod dock cables and what a very simple but brilliant idea.

The cables that come supplied with any iPod or iPhone are always way too long as they want to supply something universal that will cover everyone’s use, the problem with this is that you end up with cables coiled up on your desk and they are always in the way.

The iStubz are a perfect way to keep your iPod or iPhone connected without all the cable clutter.


Available in two different lengths at 7cm and 22cm and in black or white these really are a great solution, well made and look exactly like the cables supplied by Apple but obviously without the extra length.

Available for $7.95 and $8.95 plus shipping it is a great way to tidy up your office or home working environment.

The other product that we have been sent is one that particularly interests us, as we ,mentioned the charge converter works perfectly but it was always a concern that as it hangs out of the car cradle that little bit more than a normal connector that it will get knocked or smashed off. CableJive have come up with a Dock Extender cable which can be installed with the charge converter inline so that is no longer an issue.

image image

This male to female cable with iPhone/iPod connectors is compatible with all iPod and iPhone models and is available in black or white, in 2 or 6-foot lengths.

The Dock Extender Cable provides a connection for everything except S-video output and audio in for recording.


CableJive will also customise the dock extender cable and make to a different length than their standard 2 or 6 foot cables. The cable can be made to whatever length you need. They can make them as long as 14 feet. These custom-made cables are compatible with the iPhone, iPod (touch, classic, video), iPod nano (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation).

I cannot recommend CableJive enough, great products, excellent communication, customer service and delivery times. If your after something a bit different for your iPod or iPhone check them out.


Dock Extender

CableJive main site

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