By July 12, 2009

Bruno for iPhone released

Sacha Noam Baron Cohen is the biggest comedian of 21st century and he blows away all other comedians, who now look, in comparison, like innocent little girls. Firstly Sacha created character of British chav – Alli G (Sacha was born in UK so he knows something about chavs). Then came Borat – a reporter from Kazachastan – and first big success of Sacha – the Borat movie. And now comes Bruno – a fashionista from Austria (not to confuse with Australia) – the movie – released merely 2 days ago and we have already seen it! Since Bruno movie exposes several prejudices it is definitely worth seeing.

Moreover there is an app for Bruno too, but you must confirm that you are at least 17 years old to download it:

This app contains several elements of various levels of interactivity:

You can for example touch Bruno in various places and he responds with voice:

There is a Bruno sound board:

You can get some Bruno ringtones (here: titles only, some of them are longer):

There is also other stuff that we haven’t tested and generally it is a nice app that promotes the Bruno movie.

Get it here (FREE):

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