By September 22, 2008

Brodit holder for iPhone 3G review

image Just wanted to put up a quick review of a car mounting solution that I consider to be the best by far of any solution I have come across so far. Its called a Brodit Mount and is a two part solution when matched with a Pro-Clip. If like me you want a mounting solution that does not involve screwing holders into your dashboard then check out this great solution.

The first part of the kit is the Pro-Clip, this is car specific and they manufacture a range to fit almost every car on the market today. On top of that the clips are designed to fit different positions in the car too. The clips are cleverly designed to clip into areas of your dashboard without any screwing or solid fixing, they clip into place and are solid as a rock.


Once the Pro-Clip is in place the second part of the kit is needed. I went for the iPhone 3G cradle which holds the iPhone perfectly and is lined with a plush velvety interior to avoid scratching the iPhone when you pop it in and out. The back of the cradle has a ball joint that allows you to tilt and swivel the holder so you can set it for the best viewing angle in the car so you don’t need to take your eyes off the road.


The back of the cradle is fitted to the Pro-Clip with four small screws and is very easy to fit, once in place you are all set.


The cradle I went for has a pass through iPod dock connector which means I can plug the iPhone charger into the cradle and then just slip the iPhone in and out without having to plug and unplug cables all the time.


This has to be the easiest and most secure in car holder I have ever used and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for an in car mounting solution.

You can visit Brodit and check out what else they offer here.

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