By December 24, 2009

Breakdown app for iPhone

As the weather has been so bad here in the UK, with snow and freezing temperatures, there have been record numbers of vehicle breakdowns reported. I came across a useful app for the iPhone this morning that drivers with iPhones much want to consider. It’s called Breakdown from a company called Hello24.

It’s a simple idea but like many simple ideas it’s also genius! If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in a situation where you are stuck, car has broken down or you are, god forbid, involved in an accident then Breakdown can really help.

It allows you to set up the details of your breakdown service membership, whether that’s the AA, RAC, Green Flag etc so that you have your membership number and the phone number to call at hand. It also allows you to use the built in GPS to find your current location and the ability to forward those details to a third party via text or email.

Furthermore, there is a ‘What To Do’ section that offers advice for when things go wrong, handy in itself as how many people would go in to a blind panic in an emergency!

screen1 screen4

Head over to Hello24 to check out the app. definitely worth having on your phone, just in case!


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