By December 11, 2009

Boingo Wireless launches mobile-enabled location detection

Shortly after we reported that Boingo lies about availability of Boingo Mobile service, Boingo has updated their WiFi hotspot directory in a way that resolves this problem:

Good news! Our enhanced location directory with mobile-enabled locations denoted has launched. Check it out here:

The problem was that Boingo was selling “Boing Mobile” service that is a bit cheaper than regular service, but can be used only in mobile phones (see our review of Boingo Mobile for iPhone), but this service was not available at all hotspots that are Boingo-compatible. Now Boingo has resolved this issue by marking incompatible hotspots by “Boingo Mobile: Not Included”.

With Boingo service users can access Internet at thousands of WiFi hotspots worldwide without the need to pull out credit card each time – but just by paying low monthly fee (7 dollars for cellphones, 9 dollars for notebooks). If you are traveling a lot, you might be interested in this service and now with improved information about availability of Boingo Mobile, we can be sure for example that when flying through Zurich airport we have “Boingo Mobile: Included, no extra charge” so we can use this service on our iPhone cellphones…

Credit: Baochi Nguyen from Boingo Wireless.

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