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Bluetooth bug fix for Treo Pro

1226470852.gif WMExperts is reporting that Palm has released a Bluetooth bug fix for the Treo Pro. Malatesta cautions in the article that this fix is technically for the Vodafone/Euro version only, but it might work on unlocked Treo Pros. He says that he bets that a fix for the unlocked Treo Pro might be out soon.

Palm’s support site gives the following scenario:

If you are in an active call using bluetooth car kit or bluetooth headset and you receive a second incoming call and you let it ring or you ignore the incoming call, the call will be diverted to Voicemail. The first call remains active but you can no longer hear the caller (the caller can still hear you). The audio has been lost. If you answer the call and swap between calls or reject the call, the issue is not seen.

Many of our forum members have experienced this bug and have reported it in this thread. They are not happy campers and I don’t blame them. I hope that the patch will work for everyone having problems. I did just now read on the thread that Skirmish downloaded the patch but says that it didn’t make any difference.

I’m sure that you know if you need the update, but Palm’s support site states that in order to find out if your Treo Pro needs the Bluetooth Update, follow these steps:

  • Press Start. Select Settings
  • Select the System tab. Open About. Go to the Phone tab.
  • Look at the Software Version.

If you see a Software Version that is T850UEU-1.01-XXX or lower, you should install this update.

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