By January 10, 2008

Blu-ray Titles Outsell HD DVD

As a Playstation 3 owner and one with a new Full HD plasma TV I thought this was an interesting article.

According to a press release from CES a few days ago, Blu-Ray titles are outselling HD DVD titles but up to 3 to 1! Good new for PS3 owners I suspect.

While I can’t comment as to whether Blu-Ray is better than HD DVD or not as I don’t have an HD player (If someone wants to send me one for review then that’s fine!) but here is the press release from CES:

Blu-ray Disc movie titles outsold HD DVD in the United States by a nearly 2-to-1 margin last year, according to sales figures from Home Media Research, an independent market research firm.

Blu-ray titles outsold HD DVD in the United States every single week of the year, according to HMR. And Blu-ray editions of titles released on both formats consistently outsold their HD DVD counterparts by significant margins. Sales of the Blu-ray edition of “300,” the bestselling high-definition title to date, have outpaced sales of the HD DVD version by 2-to-1.

According to the European based market research firm, GfK media control – OCC, high-definition movie title sales in Europe were nearly 3-to-1 in favor of Blu-ray. And in Japan the margin was an overwhelming 14-to-1.

Sales of high-definition playback devices were even stronger in Blu-ray’s favor – more than 3 -to-1 in the United States, 10-to-1 in Europe and more than 100-to-1 in Japan.

The strong consumer preference for Blu-ray was cited by Warner Bros. as the principle reason for their January 4th decision to publish solely on Blu-ray Disc beginning in May of 2008.

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