By October 2, 2011

Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook – Video Demo


Blaq has been around for some time on the BlackBerry PlayBook but recently got an update bringing some nice few features to the application.

As well as bug fixes the following features have been implemented so I thought I would give you a brief run through on video of the app. It is without doubt the best Twitter application on the device.


  • Refreshing new icon – Crisp lines, bold colors.
  • Native notifications – Native notifications provide an easy way of knowing when you need to get back to Blaq. It’s also configurable. More on that later.

Main View

  • Real-time Indicator – To make it easy to understand if your tweets are updating in real time, we’ve added a convenient indicator.
  • Read without interruption – Timelines (Home, Mentions and Direct Messages) now pause once you being scrolling so you have a chance to catch up without new tweets pushing you down.



  • Link Bar Code – now you can scan a bar code of a link in a tweet with two taps.
  • Translate – Sometimes you just need to know what was said by another user in another language.
  • Solid states for retweet and favorite – Now you’ll know for sure.

View Tweets, Followers, Listed and Following

  • Now you can tap on tweets, followers or following for any user. Just click a user’s name or search for it and tap on the tweet count, follower count or following count to check it out!


  • Keep screen on – It is now possible to keep the screen on while reading tweets. Don’t forget to charge, though.


  • Toggle all – Turn native notifications on or off with one tap or toggle the following:
  • New Tweets
  • New Mentions
  • New Direct Messages
  • New Followers – Yep, notification of new followers – right within Blaq


  • Add a new account
  • Set the current account (account switch)
  • Delete account


  • Font – Make Blaq yours. Customize your font to change things up a bit.
  • Font Size – Default font too small? Make it bigger? It’s that simple.


Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook — Video Demo

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