By March 19, 2010

BlackBerry OS 6 screen shots leaked

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OS 6 for BlackBerry has been on the cards for sometime and this morning BlackBerryLeaks have posted a few pictures of what is allegedly the new OS.

The cheeky chap at BlackBerry Leaks has teased us overnight here in the UK. Before I went to bed he tweeted that he had something big to show us. I decided I couldn’t stay up and wait and when I got up this morning he himself had not got home from work and so I was up in time.

What he has posted are the below images.

6 6 1


If these are actual OS 6 screen shots then RIM have been checking out the competition and taking notes as the shot on the left is based on widgets.

What I need to see though is a home screen that shows the all important information on a BlackBerry: emails and and instant messaging. Surely the traditional onscreen folders can not be gone forever. The shot on the right does show five emails present but what makes a BlackBerry so attractive to me is the ease of use accessing messages etc quickly.

I’m sure we will get more pictures over the coming weeks. When we do we will share.


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