By August 21, 2009

Blackberry OS 5.0 leaked

Picture-11The next version of the Blackberry operating system was leaked several weeks ago, and has spread like wild fire. Exact specifications have been difficult to find, but those who have used it are reassured by the new and improved Blackberry experience.

The new OS is expected to be released with new devices this fall and holiday season, including the Storm 2 9550 and the rumored Bold 9700. The real upgrade will probably be available for all Blackberry users at the same time or shortly after these releases.

The developers over at Research In Motion are working on a user experience that will undoubtedly bring vast improvements, but will not be anything too different for current Blackberry users. The new OS will of course update icons and menu navigation, but bring a few more operations to standard.

There are a lot of cool tweaks, but here’s a list of some of the more important adjustments: GPS will work so that it is only on when needed, in order to save battery life; improved browser with more functional search options; enhanced phone capabilities such as voice dialing, speed dialing, and volume adjusting, and easier methods to wipe the Blackberry’s memory. These are all great-sounding features, but users will be waiting a few months before they find out just how well the system actually works. With RIM"s reputation for innovation, it is most likely that 5.0 will be a very efficient experience.

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