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BlackBerry of the future?


We have seen a few BlackBerry 10 concept designs but none until now with a hardware keyboard. This concept designed by DigitalHomeBoy is possibly the dream BlackBerry for many, including myself.

It is pretty much certain that the first QNX powered BlackBerry 10 device we will see will be touch screen only. This should be confirmed in the first week of May at BlackBerry Jam which is the developer conference taking place at BlackBerry World in Orlando. However, will Team BlackBerry be happy to ditch their beloved hardware keyboards for a touch screen slab? I’m not convinced so RIM had better take a good look at this concept and make it happen, or as close as they can anyway.

You can see more info on the concept device below. Would you consider a move to BlackBerry if you could have a smartphone like this? Please let us know.


Introducing the BlackBerry TK Victory {concept}.

While numerous concepts have been submitted, none have touch on the more realistic approach to the real world of usage and handling like how the TK Victory is about to. Designed for everyone in mind, from suits to skirts, to overalls to hardhats, the TK Victory, the first qwerty BlackBerry 10 powered true superphone.

Corning makes its debut with the introduction of Lotus Glass on the beautiful curved wrap around 3.5? screen showing vivid high-res colours supported by QDEF technology from Nanosys. Taking notes from the BlackBerry PlayBook, away with the trackpad and physical front keys, the removal is replaced by software-based keys with a smaller swipe bezel on all four sides. Standing tall at 119x66mm with a new depth of an astonishing 8.5mm weighing 130g the Victory is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core 2.0GHz Grey ARM Cortex MPCore with vSMP allowing ease with multi-tasking, rich graphics, cascades, animated interfaces and menus and more. Equipped not just for media, the 32GB on-board storage holds plenty for your choosing (encrypted email and files partitioning option), but the 2GB iRAM (independent RAM) is the bonus that will help run your Victory to its full capacity.

Bringing back the dual LED notifications from the TK1.5 Titan {concept} allow designation of Bluetooth-connected devices to blink connectivity on their own with messages occupying the second. The Victory introduces the front-facing camera with an output of 8MP with call-to-call and Skype options with a 12 MP (3300 x 2484 pixels) rear camera Carl Zeiss optics, optical sensor, autofocus, dual LED Xenon flash shooting video at 1080p HD @30fps featuring 5x loseless digital zoom, video stabilization, simultaneous HD video and image recording.

Designed to be the one phone you will need, the TK Victory is jam packed with goodies. Using the Apple designed nano-SIM, LTE is on-board along with being both GSM and CDMA. Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi n/g/ac will keep you connected to devices and networks. Wi-Fi Auto-spot is the new Hotspot locator and saver on the battery. DLNA Certified means you will be able to stream, copy, share, and backup your Victory without the mess of wires. Built-in NFC with built-in software support from ISIS, Iris, and HID Global will gain you access with your device to authorised entries.

Audio should never sound muffled! The now visible microphone below the keyboard supports voice output feedback along the noise cancellation. Located to the sides, (and this is kick-ass) the re-located dual speakers letting you lay your device flat on the face or back no matter the surface. Useful for speakerphone mode, while driving, conference calls, or just some awesome music and video playback. The complete back has been fitted with a rubberised coating with micro-beads to the left and right ensuring that a slip never happens again. Making power management that much easier, the TK Victory is complete with a single Lock/Power key to maintain a days plus worth of communication, fun, and of course work. And to help you along through the day the TK Victory is accompanied with a 1950mAh li-ion battery.


Features Overview

  • World Phone
  • Dual-band GSM/CDMA | HSDPA & HSUPA | LTE | Network Support
  • Phone | Video Calling
  • Voice Dial | Voice Memo
  • Email | BBM | Organiser (Calendar, Memo, Task)
  • Predictive text input | Text messaging | Instant messaging
  • Browser | Adobe Flash 10.X support | HTML 5
  • Weather application integration
  • Social Networking integration
  • BlackBerry App World | Google Play integration
  • Front-facing and Rear cameras | Skype
  • HD Cameras & HD Video recording
  • Bluetooth v4.0
  • Wi-Fi 802.11g/n | Wi-Fi 802.11ac | Wi-Fi Media controller
  • BlackBerry Wireless Media Server integration
  • Hotspot Notification
  • DLNA Certified® with auto-synchronisation
  • Tethered modem support
  • GPS with A-GPS Support
  • Digital compass with GPS software calibration
  • NFC Built-in | ISIS software | IrisAccess Platform | HID Global software
  • e-Wallet functionality
  • Media: Pictures | Music Player | Video Player
  • Swipe navigational control
  • Universal Search functionality
  • Security and encryption software government certified
  • Remote locate/lock/wipe with BlackBerry Protect
  • Passcode protection
  • Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
  • Single key device Lock/Power
  • 32GB Samsung Flash memory with sharing & partitioning encryption
  • Expandable memory (Up to 64GB microSDHC)
  • Memory Management Software built-in


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