By February 1, 2010

BlackBerry Magnum on video

The BlackBerry Magnum, AKA Dakota, has been rumoured for some time now but its only in the last few days that it has been captured on video.


BlackBerry Magnum


To look at the above picture you may think that the device looks just like a Bold 9000 but the Magnum has a special trick up its sleeve – a touch screen!

Yes, the BlackBerry Magnum is somewhere between a Bold and a Storm with the clicky screen. Although this device is still a prototype I am sure we will see a version of it released at some point.

Will BlackBerry users like the Magnum? I’m not sure. I’m a BlackBerry user and I certainly don’t want a touch screen. What may be a better option in the future would be a Storm with a slide out QWERTY?

Anyway, check out the below video from the cellularguru and if you wish to comment please do so in our forum.


BlackBerry Magnum on video



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