By August 17, 2009

Blackberry goes social with MyBlackBerry


News has come out thatResearch In Motion will soon be launching its very own social networking site.

The network will of course be based on Blackberrydevices and their users. The service will be called MyBlackBerry and is currently accepting invited users for beta testing. The site is already up and running, but no imagery or information on the features is currently available

Social networking sites thrive or perish on one main factor: their interface. The biggest successes in social networking (Facebook and MySpace) have unique looks that appeal to their target audience. There are even smaller, yet successful sites that – similar to MyBlackberry – appeal to a specific crowd about a specific subject. Such sites are the movie review sites Flixster and Film Crave, and musical interests with iLike.

There are already several blogs and forums that serve as a place for Blackberry users to find useful news, tips, and applications, such as PhoneReport. There are also applications such as PinStack Mobile, which allow for users to find information on not only RIM devices, but other smartphone brands as well.

The news of a MyBlackberry isn’t exactly the most exciting one, but it will definitely serve its purposes. If RIM creates a successful, user-friendly interface experience, then it might see a big success on its hands. Otherwise, it will probably just serve as an alternative for those who don’t like navigating the vast BlackBerry-related forums. Blackberry fans will be able to find out for themselves soon enough, as there will likely be an application, and plenty of press on the subject in the weeks to come.

[Source Phone Report]

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