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BlackBerry Curve 9220 thoughts and images

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With yesterdays announcement of the BlackBerry Curve 9220 over in India I thought it was worth bringing you some nice images of the device as it may well be one of Research in Motions best selling handsets in certain parts of the world. This 2G successor to the 8520 will not be suited to the UK market, in my opinion, and I would expect that we will see the BlackBerry Curve 9320 launched here instead, which is the 3G variant.

That said, the two devices are very similar in design and specs so if you are in the market for a new low cost BlackBerry in the UK it is still worth taking a look at the following pictures to give you a rough guide.

There is no doubt that the Curve 8520 is now out of date. It may have been the best selling smartphone in the UK for the last couple of years but it is time for an overhaul. The new Curves take the budget BlackBerry into the next era with the latest version of the OS (7.1), FM radio, a larger battery and a dedicated BBM hardware button on the left side of the device.

Remember last month when the likes of the BBC and The Guardian reported that RIM would not be supporting consumers? I said then that it was rubbish and that Thorsten Heins (RIM CEO) said no such thing. These new affordable BlackBerry smartphones go to prove that.

Anyway, you can see some nice high res images of the BlackBerry Curve 9220 below.


9220Curve_black_ENGuk_Gen_AdAngle  9220Curve_black_ENGuk_Gen_TopAngle


9220Curve_black_ENGuk_Gen_SideAngleLeft 9220Curve_black_ENGuk_Gen_SideAngleRight



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