By March 19, 2011

BlackBerry 9780 keyboard stutter

stutter I tweeted about this a few weeks ago and was surprised by the number of other 9780 owners that replied to me saying they had the same issue. I am of course talking about the apparent problem with the BlackBerry Bold 9780 where the keyboard keys periodically ‘stutter’.

On my 9780 this affects almost all of the keys on the keyboard. When typing I frequently end up with letters appearing more than once despite pressing the letter only once. This is particularly noticeable when there are double letters in a word and can then result in either 3 or 4 instead of two letters appearing.

A search on the web seems to reveal that this is a relatively common hardware issue that requires RIM to replace the phone. One suggestion is that it depends upon where the phone has been made as the 9780 is manufactured in more than one place. My 9780 was manufactured in Hungary. Does that fit with anyone else?

The image cap. above is an un-simulated example of the problem.


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